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With Betsy Winston, PhD

Continuing education approval: ATA, CCHI, and IMIA

To perform effectively, interpreters must have highly developed critical thinking skills and advanced communicative competence, which must include both linguistic and pragmatic competence in each working language. As educators, we actively shape the future of interpreting and of our students as we guide them toward mastery of these skills and competencies. Assessing their progress is both essential and extremely challenging! This webinar discusses the use of Cognitive Reflection (CoRe) activities to support that student learning and development. As an added benefit, educators can gain valuable insights about student progress and about our own teaching strategies and approaches. In addition to providing concrete examples and recommendations for use of these activities in a variety of educational settings, this presentation shares findings and insights from longitudinal research about the usefulness and impacts of cognitive reflection (CoRe) activities in interpreter education.

About the Presenter:

Betsy Winston, Ph.D.

Dr. Winston directs the Teaching Interpreting Educators and Mentors (TIEM) Center, a Center focused on excellence and integrity in interpreter and mentor education and research. Her expertise includes teaching and research in curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, discourse analysis, interpreting skills development, educational interpreting, multimedia applications in ASL research and teaching, and teaching at a distance. She has been honored by CIT and RID in 2000 with the Mary Stotler Award, for her contributions to the field of Interpreter Education; in 2016, she received the Outstanding Service to Interpreting award from NAD, as a member of the RID Certification Committee.

This live webinar took place on May 18, 2022.

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